Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" is a nongovernmental organisation, registered in 1997 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. .
2018 Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza"

6300 Haskovo,
4, Tzar Osvoboditel Str.

Contact address:
Business Incubator, 6310 Klokotnitsa village

tel.: +359 38/665021
fax: +359 38/664869




The Project is co-funded by the
European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg
V-A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme



Project: Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian Greek cross-border region through smart and digital tools, with acronym "eTOURIST" Subsidy contract 2.6.07/09.10.2017


National Authority: Managing Authority of the Objective European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programmes of the Ministry for Economy and Development, acting as the Managing Authority of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020


Funding programme: Cooperation Programme Interreg V A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020


Lead Beneficiary: Regional Municipalities Association Maritza




- Project Beneficiary 3: Ethnological Musem of Thrace - Aggeliki Giannakidou



Period of implementation: 09/10/2017 - 08/10/2019


Overall objective

Project overall objective is to promote & develop cultural & natural heritage, gastronomy & wine in CB area Haskovo-Evros for tourist purposes.  


Specific objectives

1) Assessment of cultural & natural heritage sites & traditional culinary & wine important for tourist purposes in Haskovo-Evros region;

2) Support for development of natural & cultural heritage, traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo-Evros;

3) Cultural & natural heritage of CB area HaskovoEvros - closer to tourists;

5) Promoting cultural & natural heritage of CB area;

6) Improved knowledge on CB traditional culinary & wine



Work package 1: Project Management & Coordination

Work package 2: Communication & Dissemination

Work package 3: Integrated eTOURIST methodology for cultural & natural sites and for traditional culinary & wine

Work package 4: Development of eTOURIST package

Work package 5: Valorization of Haskovo-Evros traditional culinary & wine

Work package 6: eTOURIST on the global tourism market


Expected results


Work package 1

- 6 partners' meetings

- preparation of progress reports


Work package 2
- 2 press conferences
- 1 Final scientific conference
- 1000 information brochures

- 1 project logo
- 2 information boards
- 2 banners

- Catalogue

- 1 video for cultural & natural heritage in CB region

- 30 media publications for project promotion, social media presentation of eTOURIST & the project


Work package 3
- 1 study of sites of natural & cultural heritage in Haskovo - Evros CB region & identification of sites of high importance for the area related to their valorization for tourist purposes

- 1 study of traditional culinary & wine of Haskovo-Evros region

- 1 integrated e-TOURIST methodology for Bulgarian & Greek sites

Work package 4
- Developed 1 eTOURIST package, incl. 1 application for smart devices for CB cultural & natural sites, gastronomy & wine - eTOURIST;1 interactive digital web portal "Cultural & natural heritage of Haskovo-Evros"; digitalized cultural & natural sites important for CB area; digitalized traditional culinary & wine; developed video tours for cultural & natural sites, for traditional recipes & wine important for CB area


Work package 5
- 3 trainings for valorization of traditional culinary & wine

- 2 CB festivals on traditional culinary&wine


Work package 6
- eTOURIST promotion on international tourist exhibition



Project progress:

- 04.12.2017 - Kick-off meeting, Soufli, Greece

- 04.12.2017 - Initial press conference, Soufli, Greece

- December 2017 - contracted activities: organizing 3 one-day Partners' meetings; organizing final events - 1 final press conference to disclose the objectives and planned activities of the project and 1 final scientific conference; providing logistics for three-day training for chefs, hoteliers, etc., organized by Beneficiary 4 in Haskovo region "Traditional culinary and wine" in Haskovo; organizing the festival "Traditional culinary and wine from Haskovo-Evros"; organizing participation of the project team in a tourism exhibition for the presentation of eTOURIST on the turistic market.

- December 2017 - contracted activities: developing an interactive web portal "Cultural and Natural Heritage of Haskovo - Evros"; developing software application for mobile devices eTOURIST.

- January 2017 - performed FLC of the Lead Beneficiary for the period 09.10 - 31.12.2017

- January 2017 - prepared and sent to the Joint Secretariat Project Progress Report for the first reporting period 09.10 - 31.12.2017

- October 2017 - March 2018 - performing studying activities in connection with the preparation of specifications for the different types of activities.



Last updated: 26.03.2018



"This document has been created within the framework of the Project Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian Greek cross-border region through smart and digital tools (eTOURIST), financed under the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020", Subsidy Contract No 2.6.07/09.10.2017. The Project is co funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme. 

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