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This project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through the European fund for the integration of third-country nationals





The project

Project: „Capacity building and creating an active platform to support immigrants integration policy”, Subsidy contract № BG EIF 2013/01-05.01

Beneficiary: Regional Municipalities Association „Maritza“

Contracting Authority: Employment Agency at the Ministry of labour and social policy

Funding Program: European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, 2013 Annual Programme; BG EIF 2013/01-05; Procedure "Integrated scheme for providing grants for the implementation of activities aimed at putting into practice the" Common Basic Principles of Policy integration of immigrants in the EU" and support a consistent and sustained policy to guarantee the rights of immigrants and ensuring their successful integration into Bulgarian society", Component 5: Support for capacity building at all levels of integration policy and practice - with the participation of municipalities, social partners, NGOs, academics and others, as well as expanding and improving coordination mechanisms at the national, regional and local level to improve implementation, coordination and development of intercultural competence in the implementation of integration measures 

Overall objective: Building capacity at regional level, involving all stakeholders concerned with the effective management of the process of integration of third-country nationals and to improving coordination of actions for the integration of TCN at national level by organizing training initiatives and creating an active platform for interregional exchange of best practices.

Specific objectives 

  • Inclusion of the main actors - the governing bodies of public finances and local authorities, social partners, NGOs, civil society initiatives to enhance their capacity in terms of the integration of TCN in Bulgaria;

  • Promote active exchange of best practices, working mechanisms and information on topics of integration policies through networking;

  • Raise awareness of the main actors on the integration of TCN, their social inclusion and intercultural competence building in the implementation of integration measures.

Target group: Target group for this project are representatives of local authorities in Haskovo region, state institutions in the region, NGOs, social partners, organizations working in the field of integration policy and integration of TCN in Bulgaria, Bulgarian civil society, as well as foreign nationals residents of Haskovo region, with the status of immigrants.

Main activities

Activity 1: Project Management

Activity 2: Conduct seminars for capacity building of public bodies involved in the immigrants integration policy

Activity 3: Development of an information section within the created site "Active platform for working of information centers and organizations for immigrants integration"

Activity 4: Information and Publicity for the project


This project is implemented by EU

This project is performed by RMA "Maritza"

“This document is created with the financial support of the European fund for the integration of third-country nationals co financed by the European Union. The whole responsibility for the contents of this Internet site is being born by RMA “Maritza” and under no circumstances it cannot be considered that it presents the official statement of the European Union and the Contracting Authority.

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