"Mobilizing the
Resources for
Sustainable Regional
and Local
Development in the Context of
EU Integration"

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Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" is a nongovernmental organisation, registered in 1997 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

2001 Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza"
6300 Haskovo, 4
"Tzar Osvoboditel" Str.

tel.: +359 38/665021
fax: +359 38/664869


2004 Civil Society Development, Budget line:
BG: 2004/ 016-711.01.01
Project: Mobilizing the resources for sustainable regional and local development in the context of EU integration


2004 Civil Society Development, PHARE Programme

Civil Society Development Programme is oriented to raising the role of Bulgarian civil society and improving the capacity of civil organizations.

Overall objectives:

  • Support of the civil society and strengthening its role in confirmation of the law supremacy and democracy;
  • Raising the capacity of civil organizations and strengthening their participation in the process of accession;
  • Promotion of the citizens' voice;
  • Ensuring access of the minority groups to public services and labour market; supporting the civil society in the poorly developed regions (with low development level of the organized civil society);

Specific objectives:

  • Supporting the NGOs participation in the process of accession and implementing of acquis communautaire through building capacity for development, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects in priority fields such as social sphere( equal opportunities, human rights, protection of minorities), regional development, environment, protection of consumers, work with young people, science, education and culture;
  • Social integration of the minorities and socially deprived people;
  • Enhancing transparency and prevention of corruption;
  • Development of mechanisms for public-private partnerships such as a platform for partnership and formulating successful policies at national and regional level and a way for assuring stability and independence of the non-government sector and civil society;
  • Provision of working solutions for rural communities, civil society development at local level (in selected rural communities);


Projects' duration may not be lower than 6 months and nor exceed 18 months. Grant funds can not be less than 50% and more than 90% from the total admissible expenses for the activity. The rest is financed by personal funds of the applicant or partners or by other sources which are not included in the European Community budget.

Scope, subject spheres, participants:

The grant scheme for 2006 Civil Society Development Programme contains 3 Lots.

Lot 1: National Scope Projects

Non-profit organizations, registered in Bulgaria, with at least 3 years experience in project activities and at least one implemented project with budget over 15 000 EURO could participate with this kind of projects.

Project proposals under this lot should focus on one of the following areas:

  • Participation by Bulgarian NGOs in Pan-European networks, information exchange, informing Bulgarian society about the EU policies.
  • Coalition building within Civil Organizations, working in one and the same sector, with a view on their participation in formulating the particular sector policies and on raising their role in the implementation of acquis communautaire.
  • Joint initiatives of Civil Organizations and State Institutions. NGOs which operate in the EU and/or countries, that participate in the PHARE Programme , could also be partners under the implementation of these projects.

Lot 2: Regional Scope Projects. 

Non-profit organizations, registered in Bulgaria, with at least 2 years experience in project activities and at least 1 implemented project with budget over 10 000 EURO could participate with this kind of projects in the target region of project implementation.

Project proposals under this lot should be focused on one of the following areas: 

  1. Joint initiatives of Civil Organizations and State Institutions at regional and local level in the context of the National Regional Development Strategy / NRDS /.
  2. Building capacity for introducing and training of local stakeholders (NGOs, local and regional/district authorities) with the institutions, policies, EU way of taking decisions, funding tools. (Pre-accession and Structural funds, horizontal programmes) and projects management.

Lot 3: Local Scope Projects (with target rural municipalities).

Non-profit organizations, registered in the particular region and which plan implementation of activities in one municipality or a group of municipalities from the 43 target (rural) municipalities that belong to the north-eastern and north-western region.

Projects are oriented to identifying local necessities and development of local initiatives in the context of the relevant municipal development plans and the National Regional Development Strategy.


This project is financed
by the EU

This project is implemented by RMA"Maritza"

This document is issued with EU financial support. RMA Maritza is responsible for the document's contents and it can not be considered that this document presents the EU official statement.

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