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Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" is a nongovernmental organisation, registered in 1997 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

2001 Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza"
6300 Haskovo, 4
"Tzar Osvoboditel" Str.

tel.: +359 38/665021
fax: +359 38/664869


PHARE Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria Greece 2004, Small Projects Fund, supporting the economic development and employment promotion, Budget line: BG: 2004/016-782.01.02, Project Haskovo and Evros business- together in Europe  

PHARE Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria- Greece, Financing memorandum 2004 

Overall objectives:

  • To promote good neighbourliness and stability between the Central and Eastern European Countries /CEEC/ and the Member States by funding projects which will yield tangible benefits to the regions and communities on both sides of the border.
  • To promote co-operation with CEEC regions bordering the EU, helping these regions to overcome the specific development problems which may arise, inter alia, from their position within the national economies, in the interest of the local communities and in a manner compatible with the environment protection.
  • To develop the economy of the border regions by enhancing the trade and the economic co-operation with special environmental consideration.

Specific objectives:

  • To continue to facilitate the movement of goods and people by rehabilitation of the access roads and infrastructure to the border crossings.
  • To address local environmental problems that affect both sides of the border, such as, management of liquid waste disposal and the integrated water management of the shared river basins that will improve the quality of life and the safety of the local population and protect the natural environment.
  • To facilitate the cross-border co-operation of regional actors and agencies in the areas of civil society, culture, education, business, especially tourism, and environment through the continuation of a Small Project Fund.
  • To provide technical assistance through Project Preparation Facility projects.

Small Projects Fund, supporting the economic development and employment promotion between Bulgaria and Greece

This scheme is intended to fund soft projects or people to people projects and especially in the sphere of : business co-operation, development of enterprises, transfer of technologies, consulting services and marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises, training, employment, exchange measures in health care services and culture, improvement of the information exchange and communications between border regions.

Overall objective: 

  • Increase growth and improve competitiveness of enterprises in the cross border region.

Specific objectives:

  • Stimulate cross-border economic activities (co-operation between companies, creation of network and clusters, development of joint strategies and new products, joint marketing activities);
  • Improve human resources capacities and skills.


1. Business co-operation in support of employment increase.

  • Establishment of cross-border network.
  • Cross-border marketing research and advertisement;
  • Cross-border initiatives for training and popularizing of the EU requirements to Small and Medium-sized enterprises;
  • Law and economic consultations;
  • Information services for contractors in the border region; .

2. Co-operation between educational and explorative institutions.

  • Co-operation between educational institutions, aiming at improving the quality of human resources in the border region;
  • Establishment of cross - border network in the sphere of labour market and information exchange , aiming at developing employment and education programs ;
  • Training activities for organizations employees , supporting business and aiming at promoting the co - operation between Small and Medium - sized enterprises in the border region and the research activities ; .

Territorial range :

Municipalities or organizations , which can participate ., should be situated in one of the following regions : Blagoevgrad , Smolyan , Kardzhali and Haskovo , and their Greek partners- in one of the following prefectures : Seres , Solun , Drama , Kavala , Ksanti , Rodopi and Evros.

Financing assistance amount :

The minimum amount/sum for one project is   10   000 , and the maximum one -   100   000 . Besides , a grant can not exceed 90% from the total eligible / admissible expenses of the project and the minimum co - financing by the contender is 10% from the total amount of the project.


This project is financed
by the EU

This project is implemented by RMA"Maritza"

This document is issued with EU financial support. RMA Maritza is responsible for the document's contents and it can not be considered that this document presents the EU official statement.

2007 Copyright RMA MARIZA.