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Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" is a nongovernmental organisation, registered in 1997 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

2001 Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza"
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This project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union - programme "Leonardo Da Vinchi", administrated in Bulgaria by HRDC

PROJECT : Bulgarian -Greek project for exchange of experts for carrying out more efficient vocational training in the municipalities"

Contract BG /06/ A / EX 166203/01.06.2006 .

Contracting authority : ,

L eading organization : Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza", Haskovo, Bulgaria

Partner : Local Union of Municipalities and Communities "Evros", Alexandrupolis, Greece

•  Summary of the project:

Training of municipal officials from the municipalities Dimitrovgrad, Ivaylovgrad, Kurdzhali, Lubimetz, Madzharovo, Mineralni bani, Svilengrad, Simeonovgrad, Stambolovo, Harmanli and Haskovo and of leading officials from Regional administration Haskovo responsible for planning, organizing and providing professional training for the other officials at the administration will be implemented on t he project.

After the accession of Bulgaria to the EU in 2007 the municipal officials will be faced with new requirements. They could be well qualified to face the new requirements through adequate professional training provided at the local administration

The professional internal training at the municipalities is implemented and provided by the chiefs of departments and directions and each of them is responsible for training of the officials in his charge. Raising their qualifications for providing professional training will contribute to improving the quality of training in the municipalities. This requires trainers to be duly prepared to provide more effective and quality training to face Bulgarian EU membership. This project is of great importance for achieving this objective.

As Greece is an EU member state since a long time it has the appropriate experience in that field to be exchanged and successfully applied in Bulgaria. Additionally, the region where the city of Alexandroupolis is located is very close to Haskovo region and this is an advantage to easy organization of the activities on the project and is a precondition for effective budget resources distribution.

RMA Maritza and Evros Local Union of Municipalities and Communities will act on the necessary organization for implementing the project and achieving the project objectives in Bulgaria and Greece . The Greek partner is in charge of organizing the stay of the Bulgarian beneficiaries in Greece and of implementing the necessary training

The project will be implemented during July - September 2006. The beneficiaries will be a group of 2 0 individuals.

A two-week training course and exchange of experience will be implemented. The course will take place in Alexandrupolis, Greece in April 2007.

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