Partners on the project

Beneficiary :

Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”, Haskovo, Bulgaria .

The Association is responsible for organizing and implementing the project activities: formation of the cross-border school; the training courses of the project; publishing and communication activities of the project; formation and work of the mobile consultant team; transparency and popularizing the activities of the project; organizing and implementing special events proposed on the project; monitoring and activity report on the project.

Partner :

Association of Municipalities “Merich”, Edirne, Turkey .

The Association has 16 municipalities-members, situated along Merich /Maritza/ River. The Association has experience in organizing forums and initiatives. It took part in the preparation and the implementation of a great number of cross-border meetings and conferences with partners from Bulgaria and Greece. The Association work in partnership with RMA “Maritza” since 2000. In 2004 the two Associations signed Partnership Statement for collaboration in the following fields:

Agriculture ;

  • Training and qualification ;
  • Infrastructure ;
  • Economic development .

The Association of Municipalities “Merich” participated in the project preparation. The Associations both determined the project objectives and activities, which have to be implemented for achieving the necessary results. The Leaderships of the Associations commented and determined the topics of the necessary training for the both sides.

The Association of Municipalities “Merich” is included in the project implementation at all levels as a subject in details aware with the problems and the opportunities of its members. The Association participates in the formation of the “Local Democracy” cross-border school; in organizing and implementing the training forums; in developing the project for Short-term strategy for cross-border cooperation; in formation and work of the mobile consultant team; in transparency and publicizing activities of the project; in organizing and implementing special events proposed by the project and in monitoring and activity report of the project. The Turkish partner will be engaged in the process of dissemination and multiplication of the results of the project in Turkey.

This project is financed by the EU   This project is implemented by RMA”Maritza”