Requirements to the candidates 

In Project 100 can participate physical persons- citizens of Bulgaria , who:

  • Have an idea for business, want to start personal micro or small business, participate personally in the Projects stages and are directly engaged with the development and implementation of the future business activity;
  • Provide 20% of the required grant amount as their personal contribution to the business;

Priority will be given to applicants whose business ideas involve application of new products/services, know-how, new and/or energy saving technical solutions and production technologies, and use of renewable energy sources.

In Project 100 can not participate persons who:

  • Have debts to the National Revenue Agency;
  • Have a registered firm and/or are partners in a particular firm, and/or manage a firm which has an identical subject of activity with the business idea they apply under Project 100;
  • Are an object of interests conflict;
  • Have provided incomplete or incorrect information in their documentation for the Project;
  • Are still minor at the moment of the application;



•  Trade or distribution activity

•  Agricultural production

•  Transportation

•  Health services

•  Advertising, consulting, training and information activities

•  Financial operations, brokerage and gambling

•  Insurance

•  Production of beverages of high alcoholic content and spirits

•  Tobacco products

•  Production and sale of weapons

•  Production leading to environmental pollution


Results for 2004.

Submitted applications for participation in the project: 1691

  • Trained candidates: 326
  • Business plans, approved for allocation of grant financing: 68
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