This is a virtual space of Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”. Here you will learn who we are, how and what we work and what make us to work with desire and enthusiasm, despite the difficulties encountered, to continue to convert their ideas into real results.

Founded in 1997., RMA “Maritza” is an organization that acts as a mediator of interest in the joint ambitions of becoming successful, generate ideas and has proved a reliable partner of local authorities in the region.

Now many years have managed to maintain cooperation and exchange of best practices between our communities – members and partners, develop effective cooperation with national and international organizations and through various initiatives trying to foster civil society in Bulgaria to be active in shaping the policies of regional and national level



Latest News

Наръчник за гражданско участие

Основна цел на този Наръчник е да ориентира и подпомогне гражданите и техните организации в диалога им с публичните власти. Предназначен е за национални и местни граждански организации, но може

Participation in the 5th Project meeting on the project “eTOURIST”

On 10.05.2019 in Komotini, Greece, the 5th Project meeting on the project „Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian – Greek cross-border region through smart and digital

Video promoting the mechanisms for direct citizens’participation in local government

Video promoting the mechanisms for direct citizens’participation in local government is prodeced under the project “The citizens and the local authorities – partners creating open and responsible governance”, № BG05SFOP001-2.009-0005.



Useful information about every municipality in Haskovo district

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Municipality of Ivaylovgrad
Municipality of Lyubimets
Municipality of Madzharovo
Municipality of Mineralni bani
Municipality of Svilengrad
Municipality of Simeonovgrad
Municipality of Stambolovo
Municipality of Topolovgrad
Municipality of Harmanli
Municipality of Haskovo
Activities of RMA Maritza

RMA Maritza performs the following specific activities:

  • Consulting the working out strategies and business plans supporting the municipalities and the establishment of the municipal infrastructures;
  • Organising discussions, analyses and statements for changing the legislation;
  • Working out and implementing programs and projects, improving the local government, businesses, NGOs, infrastructure and lifestyle of the population.

Business Incubator, 6310 Klokotnitsa, Haskovo

phone: +359 38 66 5021 
fax: +359 38 66 4869

The activity of RMA “Maritza” is realized with the financial support of …

RMA “Maritza” thanked for the support and the trust of the institutions and organizations without which it would be impossible to achieve the goals and the mission of the Association