What is Project 100?

“Creating Competitive Start-up Enterprises” (Project 100) of Ministry of Economy and Energy provides grant assistance from BGN 10,000 to BGN 20,000 to people with feasible business ideas. The initiative is implemented with the support of United Nations Development Programme. The budget on the project for the period of 2004-2006 was estimated at 3,4 million leva and Ministry of Economy and Energy provided 1 million leva financing for the year of 2007. Project 100 started first in 2004 in the districts of Dobrich, Shumen , Silistra and Vidin and in the moment it is being implemented in the districts of Montana , Pazardzhik, Sliven , Yambol , Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora and Targovishte. In 2007 the project will provide grant financial support for start-up enterprises in the districts of Haskovo, Lovech and Montana .

Project 100 provides complete support for start-up enterprises through:

  • intensive training before starting the business, assistance for developing feasible business plan
  • grant assistance from BGN 10 000 to BGN 20 000 for the best business plans approved after participation in national competition
  • Professional assistance by the business centers during the whole process before and after the utilization of the grants
  •   Access to JOBS financial payment scheme for buying machines and equipment for the new business


In the national competition there are not regional quotas for the number of the participants or amount of the funds that will be absorbed.

One physical person can participate with only one business idea at each stage of the national competition. The grant is a single payment.

Business ideas which duplicate a real activity of an existing firm- in possession of or managed by the candidate and/or his relatives can not be financed.

Applicants, who have finished successful project training, can choose the stage of the competition they want to participate in with the developed business plan.

Outcast applicants from one of the stages can participate once again but with a new business idea.

Applicant who has been placed as a substitute in the first stage and who has dropped out of participation for lack of training places can apply for the second stage with the same idea or with a new one, without exception.

Applicants with back tax duties can not be funded, irregardless of the sphere of activity.



•  Application for participation in the project with particular business idea and preliminary selection of the participants

•  Training course, for the approved candidates, with duration of 10 days, in two modules: Business Planning and Internet- based Marketing

•  Examination tests – candidates who take them successfully continue their participation in the project

•  Detailed development of business plan by consulting assistance from the Business centres

•  Implementation of a national competition for granting the start of business activity: submission of business plans, experts evaluation and announcement of the approved candidates

•  Firm registration by the approved candidates and conclusion of treaties for granting

•  Supporting the newly-established firms by Business centres through consultations, business services, access to finance leasing

•  Control and accountancy of the contracts implementation



The project is financed by funds of the State budget through the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Grant financial assistance will be provided for:

•  Purchase of materials for renovation / reconstruction of buildings or rooms

•  Purchase of machines, equipment, software and other immaterial actives

•  Start-up stock of supplies and materials (one-time purchase)

•  Staff training and retraining

•  Registration of new products/ services, patents, licenses, business permits

•  Promotion and advertising (up to 6 months after starting the business)

Grant financial assistance will not be provided for (these costs and all other costs are to be covered by the applicant):

•  Cost of labour

•  Purchase of cars

•  Purchase of other transportation vehicles that will not be used directly by the business

•  Travel expenses

•  Cost of making legal, changing the purpose of, or formalizing the status of premises

Costs that are not admissible by the grant financial assistance can be covered by the applicant. All other costs that are necessary for the implementation of business are also to be covered by the applicant. The obligatory contribution provided by the applicant should be in financial funds and/or material actives and also should cover at least 20% of the required grant amount.

This project provides a grant from BGN 10,000 to BGN 20,000 for each business offer which has been approved in the national competition for the best business plan.

The approved applicants have an opportunity to plan an additional funding for purchasing equipment and machinery through the JOBS Project financial leasing mechanism. The application for this mechanism requires a separate procedure.

This project is implemented by EU   This project is performed by RMA “Maritza”

This document is issued with EU financial support. RMA “Maritza” is responsible for the document’s contents and it can not be considered that this document presents the EU official statement.