2004 Civil Society Development, Budget line:
BG: 2004/ 016-711.01.01
Project: “Mobilizing the resources for sustainable regional and local development in the context of EU integration”


Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza” organized a seminar in Regional Administration- Haskovo on 25 and 26 September. The subject of the seminar was: “Project development under the EU Structural funds and financing local and regional initiatives”, under the project “Mobilizing the resources for sustainable regional and local development in the context of EU integration”. The project is funded by PHARE Programme, 2004, Civil Society Development.

The objective of this seminar was to introduce European policies, financial tools and the requirements for funding local and regional initiatives as well as the regulation for absorption of funds by EU Structural and Cohesion fund.

40 people took part in the initiative- representatives of RMA “Maritza” member municipalities, representatives of Haskovo and Kardzhali Regional Administrations, NGOs and journalists.

During the period of 19-23 November 2007 Regional MunicipalitiesAssociation “Maritza” organized a Practice course for projects development under the EU Structural funds concerning for the four smallest municipalities in Haskovo region – Stambolovo, Mineralni bani, Simeonovgrad and Madzharovo.The initiative was realized under the project “Mobilizing the Resources forSustainable Regional and Local Development in the Context of EU Integration”,which has been implemented by RMA “Maritza”. The project is financed by 2004 PHARE Programme, Civil Society Development, BG 2004/016-711.01.01/.For the implementation of the course an international expert from Scotland and a lecturer from Bulgaria were engaged.

 During the Practice course the following initiatives were carried out:

 1/ 4 Preparation meetings between the leaderships of the four target municipalities and the international expert Chris Harris. During the meetings the Project Leader, the Assistant and the international expert discussed with the Mayors of the municipalities project ideas which to be developed during the Practice course. Several project ideas were discussed from which the following were selected for each municipality:

  • Stambolovo Municipality – „Construction of irrigation fields in StambolovoMunicipality , Haskovo region”
  • Mineralni bani Municipality – “Repair works of pumping station “Shturkelite” and reconstruction of a water-main, connecting the PS and Mineralni bani”
  • Simeonovgrad Municipallity – „Overhaul and asphalt works of road V55038”, Tenevo village – Galabovo Municipality
  • Madzharovo Municipality – „Rehabilitation of municipal road, ІV-class road network, connecting Dolni Glavanak village with the villages of Efrem and Borislavtsi”.

 The meetings were implemented on the following dates:

  • Stambolovo Municipality – November, 19, 2007
  • Mineralni bani Municipality – November, 19, 2007
  • Simeonovgrad Municipality – November, 20, 2007
  • Madzharovo Municipality – November, 20, 2007

   2/ 1 Practice course for the period November, 21-23, 2007. 19 participants – representatives of the four smallest municipalities in the region – Mineralni bani, Stambolovo, Simeonovgrad and Madzharovo and employees from RMA “Maritza”, tookpart in the initiative.

During the first day of the course the participants were introduced to the requirements for projects development under the EU Structural funds, Operational programmes in Bulgaria , advantages and opportunities for partnership development, various project samples from EU member states, similar to those that were determined during the preparation meetings with the Mayors of the four municipalities.

During the second and the third day of the Practice course, the participants were givenexpert and technical assistance, concerning the development of the projects, selected during the preparation meetings with the Mayors.

As a result of the Practice course Stambolovo, Mineralni bani, Simeonovgrad and Madzharovo municipalities developed four projects eligible under the EU Structural funds.

This project is financed by the EU      This project is implemented by RMA”Maritza”        

This document is issued with EU financial support. RMA “Maritza” is responsible for the document’s contents and it can not be considered that this document presents the EU official statement.