Specific activities of RMA “Maritza” (Article 7 of the CHARTER)

  1. Consulting the working out strategies and business plans supporting the municipalities and the establishment of the municipal infrastructures;
  2. Organising discussions, analyses and statements for changing the legislation;
  3. Active co-operation among the central, regional and local authorities, business representatives, academic institutions and NGOs for working out common strategies, which will implements different programs and projects for sustainable development of the municipalities and the region as a whole;
  4. Organising presentations, exhibitions, forums and fairs;
  5. /Am. according to the Minutes of the General Meeting of 10.01.2011/ attracts professionals and experts from home and abroad to solve municipal, regional, business, organizational and other issues.Organising training sessions aiming at raising the knowledge and the skills of the state and municipal employees, the representatives of the third sector, citizens, entrepreneurs and agriculture producers;
  6. Organizes educational forums to increase knowledge and skills of municipal experts, government officials, NGO representatives, citizens, entrepreneurs and farmers.
  7. Consulting the municipal experts and councillors in solving municipal problems;
  8. Collecting and disseminating information about the best practices, legislation requirements, international partnerships and international programs and projects;
  9. Popularising its services and attracting partners on different levels by establishing sustainable network of partners;
  10. Teaching, supporting and organising responsible civil attitude among the local authorities in compliance with the European criteria;
  11. Supporting, initiating and establishing the necessary conditions for the development of public-private partnerships;
  12. Editing and disseminating different information editions presenting the municipalities, their structures, the regional and the central authorities, the third sector and the business;
  13. Providing information to the municipalities-members about the opportunities, in the country and abroad, for applying with projects, the different tendencies in the world development of the local and regional authorities;
  14. Presenting abroad and through the international information systems the socio-economic potentials of the municipalities and the region, working out their marketing profiles and carrying out an active marketing strategy in the municipalities;
  15. Assisting the improvement of the offered municipal services, the municipal information policy and the establishment of information centres providing services to the citizens;
  16. Providing consultants from different international programs for supporting certain municipalities in their efforts for achieving best results;
  17. Training and supporting the activities of the municipal experts and councillors aiming at raising their qualification and professional competence;
  18. Working out and implementing programs and projects, improving the local government, businesses, NGOs, infrastructure and lifestyle of the population;