Who we are

In 1996 ten Municipalities from the region sought opportunities to unite their efforts in solving common problems. Consequently in 1997 the Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza” was founded. Kardzhali Municipality joined the Association in 2000.

Our vision

RMA “Maritza” to become a center for innovations and development of the region through uniting the efforts and the potential of all key figures on local and regional level.

Our mission

To support the local government activity and to work for creation of decentralized, competent and strong local government, disposing of real mechanisms to improve the life standard, the infrastructure and the services in the Municipalities.

Strategic goals of RMA “Maritza”

  • To raise the knowledge and the qualification of the municipal officials, specialists and Councilors;
  • To optimize the legislation, regulating the local government;
  • To participate effectively and actively in the process of decentralization in Bulgaria;
  • To increase the public participation in local government;
  • To develop the partnership network in the country and abroad;
  • To help the efforts of the local authorities to develop the cultural wealth and to regenerate the cultural traditions in the region;
  • To improve the business environment in the region and to create sustainable public-private partnerships;
  • To develop the infrastructure and the tourist potential of the municipalities-members.

Our founders

  • Dimitrovgrad Municipality
  • Ivajlovgrad Municipality
  • Ljubimetz Municipality
  • Madjarovo Municipality
  • Mineralni bani Municipality
  • Simeonovgrad Municipality
  • Svilengrad Municipality
  • Stambolovo Municipality
  • Harmanli Municipality
  • Haskovo Municipality

Who can become a member of RMA “Maritza”?

Regular membership- any Municipality and legal entity accepting RMA “Maritza” Charter, purposes and tasks is eligible to become a Regular member of the Association.
Associate membership- Prominent specialists, social figures, scientists and entrepreneurs who support the basic goals of the Association and would like to work for their accomplishment could be Associated members of the Association.

How you can become a member

To become a member of RMA “Maritza” you have to present a written application to the Chairman of the Board of managers. The municipalities must enclose an adequate decision of the Municipal Council for membership in the Association. The membership arises when the representative of the Municipality or the person signs a Declaration for Association Charter acceptance.


1997 First project to assist local authorities in their efforts to create a strong and competent local authorities, funded by the United States Agency for International Development
2001 Euroregion: EVROS – MARITSA – MERICH. Agreement on Oct. 6, 2001 between the border unions of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece
2001 RMA “Maritza” – the main initiator of the fruitful relations between representatives of local and state authorities, business, business organizations, cultural institutions from Haskovo and Lester, UK
2005 First project with European funding and first cross-border project for RMA “Maritza” – “Local Democracy” Cross-Border School
2006 Establishment of a business center for information and consultation
2008 First funded project under the Operational Program: „Structures of civil society – united to increase their capacity”, Operational Programme Administrative Capacity
2011 RMA “Maritza” becomes a center, uniting the local authorities, civil organizations and business in the region
2014 First strategic cross-border project within the territorial cooperation between Greece – Bulgaria



implemented projects
training initiatives for representatives of local authorities
consultations provided to representatives of local authorities
written statements developed and recommendations made related to amendments in the regulatory framework for local authority work and regional development
implemented initiatives for cooperation and mediation between central, regional and local authorities, business and NGOs
participations and organization of fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad
training initiatives for business representatives
consultations provided to businesses
roundtables, discussion forums and discussions on topics of local and regional development
training initiatives for farmers in the region of Haskovo
consultations on the elaboration of strategic documents for local and regional development

RMA “Maritza” representation in the United Kingdom

RMA “Maritza” is represented in the UK

by LABA – Leicestershire Asian Business Association:

Uday K Dholakia, Chairman of LABA

Address: 1st Floor Suite, Publicity House, Oadby , Leicester LE2 5LT, Leicestershire – United Kingdom

Telephone: +4437 1910 0200

Fax: +44 116 290 2045

Email: uday@labauk.org